The Institute Peano of Turin has won the “Traineeship” competition, a pilot project, promoted within the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Ministry of Education and Federmeccanica, intended to launch an ambitious “school+work” program .

K2innovation partner with G. Peano Institute

K2innovation gives a lesson to the students of G. Peano Institute in Turin (27 May 2015).

The project allows the participating students to mix school and work time for 400 hours over three years, approximately 120 hours in the third year, 200 hours in the fourth and 80 hours in the fifth year.

The purpose of the project is to spread and strengthen the school-work liaison for all students. The final goal is to better align labor demand and offer.

K2innovation, already a partner of this school, a little Italian excellence, in other initiatives, will be one of the first Italian companies to contribute to a program aimed at closing the gap with other European countries. We will soon be setting mutual commitments on the initiative.