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Our story

K2innovation is a consulting firm dedicated to the Information Systems for manufacturing companies and particularly to the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).
This topic has seen the four partners involved, almost without interruption, for about 25 years, during which they have worked for some of the leading suppliers of PLM software and services.
The partners have witnessed the birth of this sector, defining its lexicon, the gradual appearance of new players and professionals. They have contributed to create and grow software and services companies and they have recruited and trained dozens of PLM consultants and software engineers.

With Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) some people identify software applications that “manage product data”. But this definition is restrictive, as PLM is not a product and cannot even be identified with the sum of the functionalities of all the products in the market.

PLM is a discipline (or a set of techniques) allowing companies who deal with products to better manage product data in a dynamic way, across the whole lifecycle, during which the data can cross the boundaries of different organizations conceiving, realizing, selling and supporting the product.

The name was chosen because in English, now common language in the domain, it reminds that the company wants to be a key to innovation for its Customers

But those who have been knowing us for a long time can also remind, with the name of a Himalayan summit SherpaLogo GreyOnTrans
first climbed by Italians, that the founding partners first met and worked in the nineties for a company called Sherpa, a pioneer in the PDM/PLM domain.

Our strengths 

Independence from software vendors

Being independent from software vendors can make us lose some business opportunities, but leaves us full independence and total dedication to the Customer. Take your chance and experience what it means to work with real consultants.

Experienced consultants

K2innovation partners work in the PLM industry since 1989.

Experts of interoperability

When you have to operate, in an integrated way, two or more PLM systems or a PLM and another enterprise system such as ERP, MES or KMS, then you need consultants whith knowledge of many different systems.

Process knowledge

The PLM software suppliers certainly know well their software.
K2innovation knows well all main PLM software, but also knows your product development process and knows how to use PLM software to support it.

Client first

For PLM software vendors the Customer has always to adapt to their software existing features.

For K2innovation Customers needs have always priority.

Optimize expenditures

The PLM software suppliers always need to maximize the sales of software licenses.
For K2innovation the goal is to maximize Customer satisfaction at the minimal possible cost.


K2innovation has experience on many different products, and is flexible in adopting various possible solutions to the problems.
As we are independent from software vendors we can be unbiased advisors.

International experience

K2innovation partners have worked on international projects for companies such as Raytheon (USA), ABB Powertrain (CH), Pilatus (CH), Sulzer (CH), etc.

Ability to execute

Not all PLM systems integrators can claim they have carried out all projects successfully.
At K2innovation we can can give references of all our Customers.



K2innovation uses the most advanced ICT technologies to make remote work easy and comfortable and to reconcile working time and spare time. This inevitably implies the highest people quality, continuous people improvement by training inside and with technology partners, tutoring by senior consultants on real Customer cases.

Opportunity to work with us

If you are young PLM professionals, have 1 to 5 years of experience on Teamcenter, Windchill, Enovia, please send your CV using the form below and authorizing us to process data.

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Internship opportunities

K2innovation offers young graduates and undergraduates in Computer internships at its offices, with the opportunity to work with us on small projects for training purposes.

The first to take advantage of this opportunity were two students of Peano of Turin, between June and July 2015.