Having more than twentyfive years of PLM experience and thanks to our independence from any software vendor, K2innovation can work for the Customers as real consultants.

What we do:

  • Business Process Assessment (BPA) in the product development area
  • Defining business goals for PLM projects
  • Definition of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for PLM applications
  • Return On Investment (ROI) studies for PLM projects
  • Functional coverage check-up for PLM applications
  • Adoption of industry “best practices”
  • Project management, project governance and technical guidance of PLM projects
  • PLM software benchmark and selection


K2innovation knows and uses all configuration and customization tools that PLM software vendors offer. We always meet Customers’ needs while minimizing cost and time spent for customizations and the risk that they become an obstacle to future evolution.

What we do:

  • Installation, configuration and management of PLM software: ENOVIA by Dassault Systemes, Teamcenter by Siemens, Windchill by PTC and more…
  • PLM application configuration
  • Replacement of “custom” applications with vertical PLM solutions.
  • Installation and “rollout” of CAD-PLM integrations
  • Interfacing and integration between PLM and other “enterprise” applications (ERP, CRM, MES, Document Management System, Knowledge Management System, etc.)
  • Data migration from “legacy” applications
  • “Rollout” in production environment

Maintenance & Support

K2innovation provides maintenance and support of PLM applications based on leading PLM software technologies (ENOVIA, Teamcenter, Windchill). These services include remote or on-site application support , accessed by phone or e-email, problem verification , categorization, analysis, estimated time of resolution, possible involvement of PLM software vendor, problem resolution, test and delivery in production environment.

All the above activities can be tracked by a “ticketing” system (normally the one already in use by the customer) to monitor: number and type of calls, resolution time and other statistics.
There are several ways to deliver the above services:

  • Subscription with fixed monthly fee
  • On-site Resources in T&M mode

We also offer services for:

  • Performance analysis and “tuning” of systems and databases
  • Application development and maintenance
  • PLM software release “upgrade”
  • “Multisite” replica


To best meet the training needs of our PLM customers, K2innovation studied and practiced different ways of training delivery that can be combined according to the needs of end users:

  • Training Pills: short and practical instructions in the “presentation” form (<5 ‘)
  • Training Bullets: quick courses in “video tutorial” form (<10′)
  • Training Sessions: real courses via”web” remotely accessible (<2h) -Training Classes: classic courses with a trainer in a classroom (> 2h)

K2innovation is able to offer training its Customers with minimum impact on internal resources productivity .